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Welcome to CWXP: Where Your Creativity Meets the Metaverse – Your playground to perform, host and interact.

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Step into a new dimension of creativity with CWXP, Europe's leading Metaverse for film and music. Explore innovative digital experiences and unlock limitless artistic possibilities like never before.

Upcoming Events

Blake Rave Twitter-2

Blake Rave
July 22nd, 2024 – 19:00 CET
(Indie / Pop)
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Mr Fangs Twitter

Mr Fangs
July 24th, 2024 – 18:00 CET
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Caddy Pack Twitter

Caddy Pack
July 29th, 2024 – 18:00 CET
(Hip Hop)
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Enter the Metaverse

Past Events

CWXP Concert Promotion Twitter

Pieter de Graaf
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QICA Twitter

(Alternative Pop / RnB)
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Marius Nitzbon Twitter

Marius Nitzbon
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For Festivals & Clubs

Transform your festival or club into a digital wonderland with CWXP's cutting-edge Metaverse platform, where unforgettable events come to life in virtual reality.

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Transform your festival or club into a digital wonderland with CWXP's cutting-edge Metaverse platform, where unforgettable events come to life in virtual reality.

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Film Festivals

Enter cinematic innovation with CWXP's Metaverse, where film producers, distributors, and film festivals can captivate audiences worldwide through immersive screenings and groundbreaking events.

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Perform Your Live & DJ sets in the Metaverse

CWXP Blog article Plus Render

Premiere Your Music Video(s) in the Metaverse

The partnership between gigmit, PlusRender, and Kontentwerk marks a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at revolutionizing Europe's creative landscape through CWXP.

Together, these innovative companies are spearheading the development of Europe's first Metaverse for film and music, paving the way for artists, creators, and audiences to explore new frontiers of digital expression.
With the generous support of the EU, this visionary project has received significant funding, enabling the consortium to push the boundaries of technology and creativity, empower European artists, and position Europe at the forefront of the global digital revolution.

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Become a partner 

We invite you to join us on an exciting journey of innovation. By partnering with us, you'll have the opportunity to reach a diverse audience, amplify your brand's presence, and engage with cutting-edge technologies and trends. Explore the possibilities and discover how we can work together to achieve mutual success. 

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You want to create your own virtual world? 

PlusRender stands as a pioneering force in Metaverse construction, leveraging its expertise in architecture, design, and 3D rendering to craft immersive digital environments that redefine the boundaries of virtual reality. With a team of over 45 designers and architects, PlusRender leads the charge in shaping the future of the Metaverse, delivering unparalleled experiences that captivate and inspire.

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Our News and Articles

Find the latest updates, insights, and trends around CWXP, technology, innovation, and beyond. Dive into our collection of articles, where you'll find in-depth coverage of the most pressing topics. Whether you're an industry professional or simply curious about our platform, this is your go-to source for staying informed and inspired:

CWXP blog #1 (1200 x 627 px)

Your Essential Guide to Creating Music NFTs

Unlock the potential of music NFTs! Explore new revenue streams and deepen your audience connections. We tell you everything in our guide!


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CWXP Blog article Plus Render

Navigating The CWXP Metaverse: A Step-By-Step Guide For Participants

As we prepare to embark on this virtual journey together, we’ve crafted a step-by-step guide to ensure your venture into the CWXP space is as enjoyable as possible. Let’s dive in!


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How CWXP helps creators with Web3, AI, Metaverse & NFTs

Web3, AI, Metaverse, and NFTs are set to revolutionize the creative industry. Explore the opportunities they hold for creators, as heavy investments pour in.


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